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Our virtual leasing agents are professionals and assist landlords and property management companies in placing suitable tenants for their rental properties.


Our Expertise As Virtual Leasing Agent

Are you a landlord or property owner struggling to manage your rental properties? Do you find attracting the right tenants difficult or its taking too long to find the right tenant? If so, then hiring a virtual leasing agent may be just what you need! We’ll explore the benefits of working with a team of virtual leasing assistants who can help simplify your life as a landlord and ultimately increase your bottom line. 

From filling vacancies quickly with qualified tenants to handling tedious tasks like tenant screening and lease signing, discover how a team of experienced leasing agents can save you time, money, and headaches in the long run. So sit back, relax, and learn why partnering with a leasing pro is one of the smartest decisions any successful landlord can make!

We are working as Virtual Leasing Agent for the last 7 years. We have helped both property management companies and landlords with our virtual leasing services. Usually when a tenant is trying to find out a property to rent, they would show interest in more than five different properties. The one who gets back to them in a timely manner, wins the race. Our virtual leasing assistants pickup on leads as soon as they come in. 
Our team works Monday through Sunday, so nothing goes unattended. We have a track record of completing every rental application with in 24 hours of it coming in. We also call/email the landlords and employers for rental verification and employment verification.

Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Leasing Agent?

Hiring a leasing virtual assistant can also improve your chances of securing the best possible deal on your property. .

A virtual leasing agent can also offer tips on rent raises, identify volume of interest in the property and make necessary adjustments to the rent. This can increase your revenue. We share only one final report based on which you can make a decision to approve or deny the applicant. Although we do pre-qualify all leads before they apply. A lot of people do not tell everything true, which can further be identified from the application screening.

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